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Music through the lens: Datfunk

I particularly enjoy listening to live music in small clubs. There is an intimacy and connection you rarely experience in larger venues, not to mention people attending such events are usually much more conscious of the music they are listening to. On the flipside, it is damn difficult to shoot under these conditions! Lighting usually sucks, space is ultra limited and you have to strive to find good shooting angles. Nevertheless, it can still be fun and rewarding.  

Essay: Bicycles everywhere

I learned to ride a bicycle at less than 4 years old. At that time, and living in a low-middle class environment, having a bicycle of your own was considered somewhat of a privilege. Which I went on exploiting:  up until almost my teens, I used to ride anytime and everywhere. It was my personal expression of freedom, I guess, much like the horse for the Hollywood type Indian. We all used doing some incredible and potentially extremely dangerous things on bikes; and, very often, I used to drive my poor mother insane with a number of near fatal incidents.