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Indumentum Oris (NSFW)

Here are some samples from a photo-shoot we did some time ago with A.M.

We set it up in a theatrical theme with the masks introducing the element of identity, truth, and interaction. Are the masks we wear our habitual protection from reality? What about the faces we wear every day? And how about, even, the naked skin: does it reveal or conceal the truth in us?

A pole-dancing shooting

Pole dancing has emerged, during the last decade or so, as a very popular fitness trend, slowly but surely washing away the stigma of night and strip club connection. A growing number of young -and not so young- women, and, in recent times, also men, choose it as their favorite fitness pursuit. Thus, it is not peculiar that, as a modern sport, "vertical dance" as it is sometimes called, is even considered as a full Olympics event.

"In Ferro Veritas": a swordfighting shooting

A few days ago I had the pleasure of shooting at the "Meandros HEMA Team - Piraeus".

These very devoted people are training in what is known as "Historical European Martial Arts" . This, theoretically, includes all known forms of fighting disciplines developed in the European continent. For practical reasons though, they are mainly focused on systems of armed and unarmed combat  developed from the 14th century onwards. The reason is, there are no preserved fighting manuals from earlier eras (such as, for example, the Ancient Roman period). The latest known manual dates from about 600 years ago.