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The joy of digital "lomography" (featuring the Panasonic GX8 review)

I know most "serious" photographers secretly love, at least, experimenting with lomography styles, although they might not admit it in public. And, since the term "lomography" has been practically decoupled from its film-only orientation, doing a digital version is a quite valid option for many.

The GX8 I used for this is a camera capable of high levels of image quality, you can get an idea in the previous installment. But I chose to shoot in this style, using only in-camera filters, because I wanted to emphasize the fun factor of the camera too. Either way, even with the applied filters, the image quality remains excellent.

The G-spot, Take 7 - a hands on review of the Panasonic G7

Panasonic's G-line of cameras, starting with G1 at 2008, signaled the beginning of the whole Micro Four Thirds system; this was, after all, the first camera in the system being announced.

Full disclosure: I never managed to stomach the G-line of cameras, concerning appearance and styling. They always felt to me like they tried too much to look like smaller modern DSLRs. In fact, I already expressed my antipathy of this style in a previous article. Panasonic even tried to introduce the term "DSLM" based on this style; an effort that justifiably failed.

Mirrorless cross-dressers (and why there is a problem with that)

Regular readers of this blog, are already aware that we take a “militant” pro-mirrorless stance. Nice word this: Militant . Most often used by people annoyed that you have arguments to support your position and insist on using them. No worries though; history teaches that yesterday’s “terrorists” become today’s “freedom fighters”, and vice versa. So we will continue to support mirrorless as the current and future photographic technology of choice, regardless.

In that vein, please consider this article, as well as others to follow, as part of my personal “mirrorless manifesto”.