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My full switch to Fuji-X: resolution of a gear dilemma, and the X-Pro2 two month user report

Several months ago, I posted an article describing my predicament choosing between two different systems, m43 and Fuji-X. This post, which became quite popular with blog visitors, concluded in indecision.

The truth is though, that even at that point, the wheels were already turning, and the situation has since been resolved. Fuji-X is now the system I'm using practically exclusively ("practically": I'll use another camera for testing or in a special occasion only). 

Sigma starts a mirrorless system, Olympus FF rumors and some thoughts on mirrorless camera design

There are rumors surrounding some recent Olympus patents, concerning lenses capable of covering the full 35mm size sensor . There are currently patents filed for a number of prime lenses, all at very bright (f/1.4) apertures.

Now, this is certainly not a direct indication that Olympus is "going full frame". Companies apply for patents all the time; sometimes it's only for the reason of "locking" a particular optical design (for lenses) or an idea for a camera component (e.g. an autofocus system). Indeed, we have seen patents from Olympus during the last several years that led to nothing in actual production.

Samyang 100mm ED UMC f/2.8 macro

After the review of the exceptional Samyang 135mm f/2 (see here and here), here is another interesting lens from Samyang: the 100mm ED UMC f/2.8 macro.

Samyang is going all-out with their latest releases, seeking to cover every conceivable focal length and user request. As with any other Samyang lens, the macro is the same optical formula across systems, with only the flange distance differentiating it for each mount. I used it on MFT and Fuji-X cameras, but, again, all results are relevant to any system (except where noted otherwise).

A brief motorsport shooting (with comments on mirrorless cameras performance)

A few days ago, I was invited to an event organized by KTM's Greece dealer, where they presented the new generation of Cross and Enduro KTM bikes. At this point, many thanks to my buddy, Nikos Vitsilakis as well as Kostas Kalantzopoulos and the great people of KTM Greece for this opportunity!

I thought of exploiting this experience for testing the performance of a couple of mirrorless cameras , in action shooting. But first a disclaimer.

My Fuji vs. Olympus catch-22

Regular readers of this blog would know that I use both Olympus and Fuji cameras. I may happen to occasionally use another brand, but it will probably be for testing/review purposes. Although I started shooting Olympus m43 cameras exclusively more than 3 years ago, during the last year or so I also entered the X-System and, today, use is practically equally divided between the two.

Photos from a roadtrip, part 2

Following from the latest post, here are some more pictures and thoughts on the late summer roadtrip.

As I mentioned previously, such photographic excursions are a great opportunity to try doing different things. Especially while setting out to the countryside, most people would think landscape, wildlife and, generally, nature-inspired photography. Instead, it's better to think of means of breaking out of a rut and challenging yourself. After all, you are in vacation; it makes no sense keep on doing what you do all year long.