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Sigma starts a mirrorless system, Olympus FF rumors and some thoughts on mirrorless camera design

There are rumors surrounding some recent Olympus patents, concerning lenses capable of covering the full 35mm size sensor . There are currently patents filed for a number of prime lenses, all at very bright (f/1.4) apertures.

Now, this is certainly not a direct indication that Olympus is "going full frame". Companies apply for patents all the time; sometimes it's only for the reason of "locking" a particular optical design (for lenses) or an idea for a camera component (e.g. an autofocus system). Indeed, we have seen patents from Olympus during the last several years that led to nothing in actual production.

Mirrorless cross-dressers (and why there is a problem with that)

Regular readers of this blog, are already aware that we take a “militant” pro-mirrorless stance. Nice word this: Militant . Most often used by people annoyed that you have arguments to support your position and insist on using them. No worries though; history teaches that yesterday’s “terrorists” become today’s “freedom fighters”, and vice versa. So we will continue to support mirrorless as the current and future photographic technology of choice, regardless.

In that vein, please consider this article, as well as others to follow, as part of my personal “mirrorless manifesto”.

Olympus E-M5 Mark ii: The Brave Shall Inherit Everything

It was almost three years ago that I decided to throw photographic equipment security out the window. Despite my friends’ and colleagues’ objections and warnings, I chose a newly introduced camera, from a nearly bankrupt company, smeared with economic scandal, and technology nowhere near tested and proved. Everybody I knew frowned and shook their head with disapproval. “These are not pro cameras!”, said they.” Small sensor”, “where are the lenses”, blah, blah, blah