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That Girl at the Club (NSFW)

Christina has been my colleague for a couple of years now, performing make-up duties for a number of projects. She’s also a dancer as well as an all-around great kid.

After all that time, she finally managed to persuade herself she should try standing in front of the camera, instead of being somewhere behind, usually shooting embarrassing backstage footage on her smartphone.

Zhongyi Lens Turbo II for Fuji-X, part 2: details and use

After a rather long intermission, here comes the second part of my real-world evaluation of the Zhongyi Lens Turbo II adapter, for Fujifilm cameras. You can find the first part of this review here.

In practical everyday terms, the first thing we should discuss is any concern about manual focusing with Fujifilm cameras and vintage manual lenses. Fact: if you are new to manual focusing you’ll need a degree of adaptation. The good news is that (a) focal reducers introduce zero additional difficulties and (b) current Fujifilm cameras are awesome for manual focus lens use.

Fujifilm X100F: initial impressions (by a X100-series virgin)

Historians of the future studying photographic technology will undoubtedly herald the original Fujifilm X100 as the gateway drug to what became the wildly successful Fuji-X system.

I would venture into saying that the X100 was probably the first modern Fuji camera for more than 50% of current Fuji-X shooters. In all truth, it was a camera that its time had come: a modern look at a timeless design that was also highly practical and certainly affordable for many people.

Batteries for Fuji-X cameras: originals, copies and issues

Battery life is traditionally considered a weak point for any mirrorless system. To be honest, many complaints with battery life stem from users handling a mirrorless camera just like a DSLR; chimping after each shot while, at the same time, leaving the LCD screen on all the time.

There is no arguing that smaller batteries –usually a standard situation with mirrorless- as well as the need to feed an LCD/EVF constantly, aren’t helping with battery life. Typically one would carry 2-3 spare batteries for a day’s worth of shooting, while a DSLR user could marginally make do with one.

Jupiter 37a 135mm f3.5 revisited

This is a vintage lens I have previously tested, in another system (m43) quite some time ago. I had also used it a bit on the X-E2 and X-T1. I thought of re-appraising its qualities when used with the latest generation of Fujifilm cameras, such as the X-Pro2, X-T2 and X-T20.  

This is a M42 mount lens, which can be easily adapted on Fujis using a cheap and widely available ebay adapter (lower than 20 euro/dollars in most cases).

Sweet little sister; a Fujifilm X-T20 hands-on review

I had the opportunity (courtesy of Fujifilm Hellas) to test-drive the latest addition to the X-cameras line, the new XT20. During the few days I had the camera at my disposal, I tried to use it exactly as I’d use my “regular” bodies, so you can rest assured this is as “real world” review as it gets.

I have used this camera’s predecessor in a few instances in the past, but, to tell the truth, the difference with the latest X-Pro2/X-T2 capabilities was getting quite apparent lately. The X-T10 was certainly a success in the market, as it appealed to shooters in search of a small, well build, highly capable mirrorless body, with the popular “SLR” style. It is also more than obvious that the X-T10 was targeting the medium-level cameras from the Olympus/Panasonic and Sony competition. Cheaper but still close to prosumer level bodies are desirable to a lot of users, either as nice enthusiast primary camera, or as a secondary body for DSLR and high-end mirrorless shooters.

GFX initial impressions report; plus a few test photos (from RAW files)

A couple of days ago, from the 10th to the 12th of March, we had a large Photography and Technology equipment exhibition in Athens, the 1st Image+Tech Expo. Fujifilm Hellas was participating, and I was honored to be one of four Greek X-Photographers to be featured. We all had a small exhibition of our photos plus a hour long presentation of our work and connection to the Fujifilm X-System.