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Zhongyi Lens Turbo II for Fuji-X, part 2: details and use

After a rather long intermission, here comes the second part of my real-world evaluation of the Zhongyi Lens Turbo II adapter, for Fujifilm cameras. You can find the first part of this review here.

In practical everyday terms, the first thing we should discuss is any concern about manual focusing with Fujifilm cameras and vintage manual lenses. Fact: if you are new to manual focusing you’ll need a degree of adaptation. The good news is that (a) focal reducers introduce zero additional difficulties and (b) current Fujifilm cameras are awesome for manual focus lens use.

Return of the Focal Reducer: Zhongyi Lens Turbo II for Fujifilm-X

It is now more than two and a half years ago that I published a review of the Camdiox/Roxen focal reducer for Fujifilm cameras. I never suspected that this particular blog post (and a couple of follow-ups) would become so massively popular. During the years it gathered views in the hundreds of thousands and, even today, attracts lots of visits almost daily.

This is a solid proof that Fujifilm users (and mirrorless shooters in general) are particularly interested in such devices. What started some years ago by Metabones and their famous Speedboosters, is definitely not a fad but a solid and very useful option.

The Camdiox focal reducer for Fuji review (Part 2)

(for part 1 of this article, please check here)

Let's continue where we left off, with the user review of the Camdiox focal reducer. Let me reiterate that this is just that, a user review and not an excessively methodological evaluation, although we'll briefly examine the technical specifics behind the concept. This review centers on the Fuji version but I see no reason the Sony version of this adapter would be different. It would also be relevant to the m43 version, taking into account crop differences between  formats.

Full Frame envy? Focal reducers to the rescue: a review of the Camdiox focal reducer for Fuji (part 1)

Full frame cameras, as we well know, are the craze among mirrorless users these days, particularly after Sony released a string of quite affordable models during the last year. If we try to be concise and to the point, these are the main arguments in favor of "Full Frame" superiority:

  • Inherent ability to achieve shallow DoF
  • Better "light gathering" capability, resulting in superior ISO performance

Other advantages such as increased dynamic range and color depth are rarely mentioned in relevant conversations.