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The Weekly Printing Long Term Project

I’d like to present a simple project I’ve embarked on since the beginning of this year, and I’d like to believe it could prove inspirational to a lot of other photographers too.

It all begun from the realization that I didn’t get to see my photos printed as much as I’d like. Since I’m old enough to remember when we only had film, I’m sometimes nostalgic of the times we used to eagerly await until our film was developed, and we had prints of our photos in our hands. The old adage was, and in a lot of ways, still is, that “it is not a photograph until it has been printed”.

Photographing on the road: conclusion; and a happy announcement

It’s time to wrap-up the series that begun a couple of weeks ago, with my conclusion and thoughts about travel gear and methodology.

I returned home with a huge number of keeper photos, many of which will be featured in ongoing projects or dedicated essays. I was also able to upload a lot of them either in previous installments in this blog, and/or social media. In general, everything worked fine and no real issues presented themselves. That said there are always ways to improve things and lessons learned.

On the road: Streets of Amsterdam, a flying sofa and thoughts so far

Continuing in the series of shooting and working while traveling, here are some of the latest thoughts, ideas and photos.

Admittedly, the main chore while on the road, is archiving, editing and sharing pictures. The perfect condition would be to combine high end capabilities with ultra high mobility; unfortunately this is easier said than done.

Essay: Fun with the partial color filter

Today, let's talk about partial color.

No, really, let's do this.

Please don't pretend you are not frowning right now; after all, partial color probably counts among the Top 5 Cheesiest Photography Filters of All Time ®. Especially among... ehm... "creative" wedding (so called) photographers, partial color has been abused to excruciating levels of bad taste.

Well, I'm here to, somehow, defend the poor thing, and, hopefully, convincingly argue it can be fun, inspiring and creative to use.