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PurgARTorium: conclusion and photo-book announcement

t’s time to wrap-up the beautiful project I shot with the AcrOdance team, and which was introduced in a previous post.

Once again it was a great pleasure working with highly professional, imaginative and motivated people. Rest assured that this is not the last you see from such collaboration.

This is the full gallery for the project, and you can also check the gallery page.  

A Gallery of Ghosts

Double exposures have become something of a rage during the last couple of years, perhaps to some extent due to the popularity of TV programs such as "True Detective".

This is a new long term project I started, also featuring double (in fact, multiple) exposures done in post processing, although it follows a different approach to the mainstream.

Cinematic street frames

Here is an ongoing project I started recently, and will be updating in a semi-regular basis.

These is regular Street photography with the twist being the "cinematic" style applied. Since the word may have different meanings for different people, and because quite a few people do this, I should explain the way I see this line of work better.