Nefelopetra: "Aqua"

Nefelopetra: "Aqua"

A few days ago, I had the great pleasure to shoot at an exciting performance, expertly comprising elements of dance, aerial acrobatics, live music and audio-visual feeds, all carried out by a very talented team of artists.

The group in question is called “Nefelopetra” (which is, of course, Greek, and could be translated as “Cloudstone”), and was formed in 2009 by Nefeli Markaki and Petros Politis. At this point I will let their own words describe the modus operandi:

Three musicians, an electric guitarist, electric violinist and electric cellist playing live music, create a music loop using a looping station. As the mysterious musical atmosphere is now created, the music continues and the artists calmly put down their instruments and begin to climb upon the aerial silks…

Our company’s motive is to mix many art forms into one performance, just using 6 artists. With dance, aerial skills (silks, rope, net), video projections and live, original music, we become a dark and mysterious acrobatic/music act with a twist. All choreography, music composition, photography, film editing, lighting design and costuming are done solely by the artists of Nefelopetra.

The venue was a very nice performance space in Alkmini theater, in Athens. All their performance dates for this performance were already sold out from the first week or so, which goes to show that word of mouth works really well among people with demanding artistic taste.

I will again let the artists themselves describe the inspirations, goals and concept of this specific performance, aptly named “Aqua”:

Inspired by philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, six artists descend into deep waters, defy gravity and explore the mysteries of life...

Human, a very complicated entity, strives to always reach high, to explore and tame his environment and to surpass himself. But how often during this journey to “success” or “completeness” do we take the time to glance upwards towards the stars? How often are we too busy and overwhelmed by the strains of reality? How often do we lose our sense of identity entirely?

Perhaps water, the element that embraced us in the womb, where life began, holds the clue to rediscovering this feeling of wholeness. Maybe the waters that cover our planet’s surface and the element that continues to flow through us is actively linked to our souls.

Aqua is a performance about the human drive to reach towards the impossible and how the cool waters of the soul, guide us along our journey. Just waiting for us to listen to their song and notice their reflections…

From my part, I will only say that I was blown away with the whole concept and realization of the performance. I can only hope that the gallery below manages to communicate a little bit of the atmosphere and mood:

The gear report: all shots were with the Fuji X-Pro2 and X-T10, using the XF 16-55mm f2.8, XF 35mm f1.4 and 56mm f1.2.


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