This blog in 2016 (and a bit of retrospect)

This blog in 2016 (and a bit of retrospect)

We are now some weeks into 2016 and it's time for some (late) discussion of "new year resolutions", as well as a unpretentious evaluation of 2015.

This blog has been surprisingly more popular that I would dare to imagine when I started posting. A huge contributing factor in this, was, without a doubt, the generous support from great people such as those at Mirror Lessons and the inclusion in their shortlist of mirrorless-centric blogs to follow in 2015. This resulted in improved traffic to the blog, and generally increased interest to the content. Once again thanks for the thumbs up guys!

Several other blogs, sites and aggregators cross-linked articles from the blog through the year, there is simply no room to thank them all here. They have my sincere and deep gratitude.

But things need to change in order to evolve, and, up to point, this is what it's going to happen to this blog in 2016. Let me explain.

Most popular type of posts, by a good margin, were gear-related reviews or articles, followed by general "opinion" articles. I was fortunate enough to have a local shop, as well as people from my country's dealerships, offering equipment for testing purposes, as well as colleagues to help me along. I can safely claim that every single one of the modest number of reviews I made, were absolutely hands-on and reflect my personal opinion only. I'm not, officially or unofficially, affiliated with any particular company, dealer or shop, apart from my personal preference in mirrorless systems for photography.

Unfortunately, this endeavor, in several cases, took its toll on more creative work I had to postpone or abandon due to limited time resources. At some point that became a burden.

Thus I made the decision that, in 2016, any gear-related article I post will be entirely "project based". I'm sorry, but I simply don't have the time and energy to conduct reviews for the sake of doing them. In some sense, this will result in much more "trustworthy" reports though. As an example, I might have a particular lens on loan, which I'll deliberately use in some "real world" shooting scenario, when applicable; instead of trying to create scenarios that fit its use.

There are several projects in the works for 2016 right now and some of them are ongoing, so it's certain there will be enough opportunities.

So... most of the content you'll see in this blog will be reports on original work done, accompanied, where applicable, with a gear-specific report. In fact, I think of making the latter a separate segment at the end of each entry, for those interested.

Apart from this kind of posts, there will be random discussion articles, about Photography in general, techniques or philosophy, including commentary on current market affairs.

At this point, let me ask of you, especially regular readers of this blog, to not hesitate to contribute in the comments  section. I receive far more emails than actual comments and I find this strange; I have never censored a single comment post, and don't intent in starting now: speak your mind.

One more point: as you've seen so far this blog is completely ad-free. To be honest, I had only included some generic ebay ad links a couple of times at the beginning, but later decided to stop. It could be quite easy to affiliate with big names and include direct links in posts, or banners, to get some submission income. I choose not to, although I have absolutely no issue whatsoever for bloggers doing it: many of them produce extremely valuable content and I read them regularly. It's just that I'll try, for the time being at least, to stay away from any kind of product promotion, and that's a personal decision.

In case you regularly follow this blog, like the experience, and you'd want to contribute to the running expenses, I have included a Paypal Donate button that will appear at the end of each blog post, with a symbolic $5 contribution amount. I believe this is the most honest approach, at this time.

In closing: I would like to wholeheartedly thank you all for staying with me for 2015. All I can promise is that 2016 will be much more interesting and exciting. Come along for the ride!




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