Music through the lens: Daddy's Work Blues Band

A little while ago I shot a great local blues band, which also happen to be good friends and comrades of mine, Daddy's Work Blues Band.  They played the Half Note Jazz Club, a fairly large and one of the most well known clubs in Athens, where also several famous international artists have appeared through the years.

One major reason I like watching bands like "Daddy's", is that these guys are the proverbial working class heroes. That means, especially as far as the Blues is concerned, they definitely don't fake it. They live it through and through.

There is something highly satisfying in watching what we call, in music cycles, "weekend warriors" going through the whole process; "paying their dues" by playing each and every one of the small clubs, going on playing festivals and larger venues, creating a name and a loyal audience for themselves and growing in spades. All the while, far for any pretentious attitudes: just for the love of it. Because, as the great Albert King said, "if you don't dig the Blues you've got a hole in your soul". Believe you me, Dimitris Doulgeridis, Stathis Anestis, Thimios Polizos,  Giannis Pachidis and Thimios Spiliotopoulos have no holes in their souls. The way they still count their long fallen comrade Fanis Theofilou as an eternal bandmember, is a statement to this.

It may seem awkward especially from USA readers to write about the Blues scene in Greece in particular and Europe in general; but believe me, it's not only alive and kicking but growing constantly, both in the number of bands and the quality and innovation of the material. Bands like Blues Wire and Blues Cargo paved the way for what is now a vibrant and exciting community. Case in point, Daddy's invited their good friends The Jumpin' Bones, a very promising and experimental band from Athens to join them, both for the event and in an epic jam at the end.

Watch this space; the Blues is here to stay.

"Use it or loose it", or "creative abstinence"?  (and the elusive inspiration element)

"Use it or loose it", or "creative abstinence"? (and the elusive inspiration element)

Mighty IBIS

Mighty IBIS