Welcome to the Eyes Unclouded Blog!

This blog  will be an outlet for my random thoughts and musings on the Art of Photography, and probably Art in general and the creative process.

From time to time, I'd post some more detailed presentation of a personal work or project, both from a creative as well as a technical standpoint. 

Since I often find some great stuff on the Net,  I will sometimes repost something I found interesting, whether it is an article, a review or a link to some work that inspired and intrigued me.

There will also be articles and even reviews about photographic gear. I know some people find technical discussions boring, but, inevitably, they are a part of the highly technical artistic endeavor that is Photography.

Hope you enjoy,  and keep an eye for updates (which I hope to be at least 3 times per week). And, as always, all your comments and suggestions are highly valuable and desirable.

The Big Camera argument: a couple of great articles