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My name is Vassilios Zacharitsev and I'm a photographer based in Athens, Greece.

I consider myself primarily a "people photographer"; that is, I will always prefer to make a photo with a degree of human element in it, no matter the concept. I shoot portrait and fashion/editorial and also, due to my long standing involvement and passion with music, do a lot of concert photography. In recent years, my involvement with dance and performance prhotography has grown to become a large part of my latter portfolio. Additionally, I'm hooked on street and documentary type photography, and out on the streets of the city is where you'll usually find me, when I'm not in the studio or on location hauling heavy bags of expensive equipment. Since Summer 2016, I also have the honor of being part of the global family of official Fujifilm X-Photographers.

Photography is a passion and a creative outlet for me before everything else. No matter what the commercial side might be, my purpose is to express myself through images and try to tell stories that move, excite, inspire or frighten me. It would be my joy and satisfaction should they had to say something to the viewer also.

This is my little place on the Net, where you can find my work and news,  and also read my random ramblings on my blog. Hope you enjoy your stay here! And never hesitate to contact me with any comments, suggestions or proposals you might have!

Cheers and Good Light!