Fujifilm X100F: initial impressions (by a X100-series virgin)

Historians of the future studying photographic technology will undoubtedly herald the original Fujifilm X100 as the gateway drug to what became the wildly successful Fuji-X system.

I would venture into saying that the X100 was probably the first modern Fuji camera for more than 50% of current Fuji-X shooters. In all truth, it was a camera that its time had come: a modern look at a timeless design that was also highly practical and certainly affordable for many people.

Batteries for Fuji-X cameras: originals, copies and issues

Battery life is traditionally considered a weak point for any mirrorless system. To be honest, many complaints with battery life stem from users handling a mirrorless camera just like a DSLR; chimping after each shot while, at the same time, leaving the LCD screen on all the time.

There is no arguing that smaller batteries –usually a standard situation with mirrorless- as well as the need to feed an LCD/EVF constantly, aren’t helping with battery life. Typically one would carry 2-3 spare batteries for a day’s worth of shooting, while a DSLR user could marginally make do with one.

Jupiter 37a 135mm f3.5 revisited

This is a vintage lens I have previously tested, in another system (m43) quite some time ago. I had also used it a bit on the X-E2 and X-T1. I thought of re-appraising its qualities when used with the latest generation of Fujifilm cameras, such as the X-Pro2, X-T2 and X-T20.  

This is a M42 mount lens, which can be easily adapted on Fujis using a cheap and widely available ebay adapter (lower than 20 euro/dollars in most cases).

Photoreport: Athens Circus Festival 6th edition

he Athens Circus Festival is a yearly institution now in its 6th year and counting.

The event is organized by Circus Dayz in association with Technopolis of Athens, an open venue in the heart of the city. The aim of the festival is to produce an event where all circus acts can be showcased, being a home for different international and Greek artists and collectives. For them, this is a chance for ideas and thoughts to be exchanged but, furthermore and most importantly, to showcase their craft to the Athenian public. In the duration of the Festival, workshops, concerts and shows are held, for the pleasure of the discerning audience.