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Sweet little sister; a Fujifilm X-T20 hands-on review

I had the opportunity (courtesy of Fujifilm Hellas) to test-drive the latest addition to the X-cameras line, the new XT20. During the few days I had the camera at my disposal, I tried to use it exactly as I’d use my “regular” bodies, so you can rest assured this is as “real world” review as it gets.

I have used this camera’s predecessor in a few instances in the past, but, to tell the truth, the difference with the latest X-Pro2/X-T2 capabilities was getting quite apparent lately. The X-T10 was certainly a success in the market, as it appealed to shooters in search of a small, well build, highly capable mirrorless body, with the popular “SLR” style. It is also more than obvious that the X-T10 was targeting the medium-level cameras from the Olympus/Panasonic and Sony competition. Cheaper but still close to prosumer level bodies are desirable to a lot of users, either as nice enthusiast primary camera, or as a secondary body for DSLR and high-end mirrorless shooters.

GFX initial impressions report; plus a few test photos (from RAW files)

A couple of days ago, from the 10th to the 12th of March, we had a large Photography and Technology equipment exhibition in Athens, the 1st Image+Tech Expo. Fujifilm Hellas was participating, and I was honored to be one of four Greek X-Photographers to be featured. We all had a small exhibition of our photos plus a hour long presentation of our work and connection to the Fujifilm X-System.

The Fujifilm X-T2 for concert photography

Shooting live music comprises a significant percentage of my photography. It is also a style I enjoy a lot, both as a photographer and as a musician myself.

Thought the years I have used a number of cameras in this discipline and have grown to demand a number of features and level of performance in order to make my life easier; and also more enjoyable. Shooting with Fuji exclusively for quite some time now, I already posted about my first all-Fuji concert photography experience a few months ago. Now with the advent of the X-T2, I guess it was time to evaluate the camera in this environment. Which I did shooting this music festival, and there is where you can check out photo samples too (also all photos in this post are from that concert and the X-T2).

My full switch to Fuji-X: resolution of a gear dilemma, and the X-Pro2 two month user report

Several months ago, I posted an article describing my predicament choosing between two different systems, m43 and Fuji-X. This post, which became quite popular with blog visitors, concluded in indecision.

The truth is though, that even at that point, the wheels were already turning, and the situation has since been resolved. Fuji-X is now the system I'm using practically exclusively ("practically": I'll use another camera for testing or in a special occasion only). 

ACROS film simulation with urban and architectural elements (and the ongoing X-Pro2 report)

With the introduction of the X-Pro2, Fuji added yet another film simulation to the several fantastic ones already at place. This time it's again one of their own films, the Neopan ACROS.

I have shot with ACROS several times in the past (I regret I don't currently have a roll around to photograph next to the X-Pro2!). Here are three examples shot some years back. I apologize for the, less than great, scanning, with dust and all... But I believe one can have an idea of what this film is capable of.