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ACROS film simulation with urban and architectural elements (and the ongoing X-Pro2 report)

With the introduction of the X-Pro2, Fuji added yet another film simulation to the several fantastic ones already at place. This time it's again one of their own films, the Neopan ACROS.

I have shot with ACROS several times in the past (I regret I don't currently have a roll around to photograph next to the X-Pro2!). Here are three examples shot some years back. I apologize for the, less than great, scanning, with dust and all... But I believe one can have an idea of what this film is capable of.

Essay: abandoned boats

Greece is a country that traditionally had a huge relation with the sea. Just one look on a map will promptly explain why: almost the whole country (except the north part) is surrounded by the Mediterranean. The heart of the country's cultural substance has been the Aegean archipelago and the communities build around it. Ancient civilizations flourished watching the sun rise and set upon these waters and the whole history of the people living in this corner of the world, was continuously associated with the sea.

"In Ferro Veritas": a swordfighting shooting

A few days ago I had the pleasure of shooting at the "Meandros HEMA Team - Piraeus".

These very devoted people are training in what is known as "Historical European Martial Arts" . This, theoretically, includes all known forms of fighting disciplines developed in the European continent. For practical reasons though, they are mainly focused on systems of armed and unarmed combat  developed from the 14th century onwards. The reason is, there are no preserved fighting manuals from earlier eras (such as, for example, the Ancient Roman period). The latest known manual dates from about 600 years ago.