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Wheel to Build Motorcycle Show photoreport

This Sunday I had the chance to cover the Wheel to Build event at Athinais culture space in Athens. The show was co-organized by The Real Intelectuals and

This show is dedicated to independent motorcycle tuners and builders, mechanics, welders and painters people connected by their common love for two-wheeled creations.  Thus, this was a custom bike show, the first of its kind in Greece, while companies like Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, Harley Davidson, Ducati and BMW were also present with their latest models.  There was also a number of exhibitors offering motorcycle accessories.  

Showroom10 fashion event: 16+1 contemporary Greek designers

Last Wednesday, April 22, Showroom10 organized and presented a wonderful fashion event, concerning 17 collection it represents for the Spring/Summer 2015 season.

Showroom10 is the first Greek showroom opening its doors exclusively for young, contemporary and talented Greek designers. Having created a sizeable store network all over Greece, with standing cooperation with several top boutiques and concept stores, their steady effort is promoting Greek Fashion abroad; an effort already bearing fruit.